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TAPIC Search Department provides searching services
relating to intellectual property.

main services of search department

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  We can search for patents (including those for Utility Model and Design) in fields such as Chemistry, Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Biotechnology, Metal, Machinery, Optics, Civil Engineering, Agriculture/Fishery, and Livingware; Trademarks; and Scientific Technology Information; as well as Business information such as information on newspapers/ news articles, corporate information, and marketing information.

  We have many experts, particularly in fields such as Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Biotechnology, Metal, and Machinery. Thus, we can offer high quality services. Further, we can also process the obtained information according to different purposes.


  We obtain (and also process after obtaining information you need by means of online search using various databases such as PATOLIS, DIALOG, STNInternational, JDreamII, G-Search and Industrial Property Digital Library, as well as manually.

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Novelty Search
  We search for presence/absence of related prior arts concerning patentability from the two viewpoints of novelty and inventive step prior to the filing for a patent. If a prior art which would deny patentability is found, you can avoid unnecessary costs. If a prior art which would deny patentability is not found, then you can prepare a stronger specification for a later examination. You can also describe claims in a generic concept so as to secure a broader scope of rights.
Infringement Search
  Before and during R&D for new products, before planning and marketing products, or before exporting products, you should search and determine whether your product would infringe on your competitor's patent. Such research can prevent your R&D activities from infringing on any existing patents, and also prevents any possible conflicts in advance. It is important to search and obtain information on your competitor's patent at the earliest possible stage. This will ensure, for avoiding any possible problems, that you can preemptively review the validity and the technical scope of your intended patent, consider ways around infringement, and negotiate with your competitor for the license by agreement.
Search for Offer of Information/Invalidation Trial
  When a patent application by a competitor is published, which may have a detrimental effect on your product development, it is important to prevent the competitor from obtaining a patent thereon in order to keep yourself from being attacked by the competitor. For this purpose, you should search for any materials in the public domain so as to determine whether the application deserves to be granted a patent and, if so, to what extent the scope of the claims will be approved. From the perspective of conflict prevention, it is required to prevent the competitor from obtaining a patent thereon by, for example, providing information. Also, an invention that cannot be approved normally is somehow granted a patent. Then, you can file a trial for invalidation against such a patent.
Design Search
  We conduct design searches by way of manual search and computerized retrieval.
Trademark Search
  We conduct a search, before filing a trademark application, on whether any trademark applications have already been filed which are identical with or similar to the trademark to be granted. A study of the search result prior to filing the application will reduce waste of cost.
Documentation Supply
  We obtain speedily patent gazettes and file wrappers in Japan and abroad and technical documents. Affiliated with overseas research companies, we promptly supply for you any technical documents unavailable in Japan. We provide English-Japanese translations of foreign patent gazettes, file wrappers and technical documents on request.
Status Watch
  We engage in search for progress of examinations and appeals of applications for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks in Japan, and progress after registration. We also provide you with information on progresses of applications for foreign patents, utility models, designs and trademarks.
Subject Matter Watch
  We regularly provide you with information on subjects, such as state-of-the-art patents, science and technology. It will help you to learn about the competitor's ongoing research and development, or to grasp the latest technical trend in your business field.
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  Search rates and days required vary depending on the search theme, search scope or number of requests. A fees of charge estimate is available.
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Please Contact Search Dept.: search@tapic.co.jp

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